Study 17 – Opioid Dependence

Investigator:  Wade Berrettini

Status:  Available at NIDA Repository

NIDA Release Date: April 2010

Abstract:  This application proposes a genetic study of the mu opioid receptor gene (OPRM1) as a predictor of risk for opioid dependence (OD).   Pharmacologic, genetic and behavioral studies suggest that risk for OD may be mediated in part by sequence variation in OPRM1 gene.  The study will be conducted in the following specific aims:

Specific Aim 1:   To collect diagnostic and other data and a blood sample on OD individuals (on methadone maintenance) and ethnically matched controls.

Specific Aim 2:  To genotype these blood samples for a set of OPRM1 promoter and cDNA polymorphisms which may influence function of the gene.  In addition, variants in other genes of endogenous opioid systems will be assessed.

Specific Aim 3: Haplotypes will be estimated, and comparisons made between groups of people: those individuals who have chronic OD and those who have no history of dependence on any drug.


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