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The National Institute on Drug Abuse, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, has established the NIDA Center for Genetic Studies, also known as the NIDA Genetic Repository, under a contract to Rutgers University, via Sampled, and its subcontractor, Washington University School of Medicine, to produce, store, and distribute clinical data and biomaterials (DNA samples and cell lines) available in the NIDA Genetics Initiative.

Biomaterials Available from the Repository

The following table summarizes biomaterials available from the repository. Information on ordering can be found here. Subjects are grouped into distributions according to the way they were ascertained for their respective studies. This should not be confused with clinical diagnoses. Subjects in the Nicotine Dependence distribution, for example, may or may not be diagnosed with Nicotine Dependence.

DistributionSubjectsWith DNAPlasmaLCLs*CPLs*Whole Blood
Cannabis Dependence201201 (100%)0 ( 0%)0 ( 0%)0 ( 0%)199 (99%)
Cocaine Dependence2,4431,568 (64%)95 ( 4%)1,155 (47%)1,485 (61%)133 ( 5%)
Nicotine Dependence15,59313,230 (85%)2,467 (16%)7,716 (49%)12,636 (81%)4,658 (30%)
Opioid Dependence7,9716,556 (82%)2 ( 0%)3,189 (40%)4,240 (53%)3,860 (48%)
Opioid-Cocaine Dependence7,0075,344 (76%)0 ( 0%)2,128 (30%)4,922 (70%)2,879 (41%)
Polysubstance Dependence4,4533,465 (78%)3 ( 0%)2,004 (45%)3,365 (76%)1,814 (41%)
Total37,66830,364 (81%)2,567 ( 7%)16,192 (43%)26,648 (71%)13,543 (36%)
*Cell type descriptions (LCLs, CPLs, and so on) can be found here.

You can explore the data in greater detail in our Statistics Exploration Tool. Additional information on individual disease distributions can be found from the Available Data menu item at the top.

How the Site Works

While the site provides general information to the public, there are many datasets available for download that require an account. Below you will find instructions on how to get an account and download private datasets. The “Private Areas” section below describes how the data downloads are organized.

How to Get an Account

Please contact Sue Winkeler at winkeler@wustl.edu. Note that an account will allow you to log in, but you will not have access to the private areas of the site until you apply for access as described below.

How to Get Access to Data

To download data and gain access to the various private sections of the site please follow the instructions on the page Instructions for Access to Data and Biomaterials. Note that the public areas (see below) contain information about datasets available for download and the studies that generated the data.

Overview of Public Areas

Policies for Access and Distribution of DNA and Clinical Data

This section describes the policies for access and distribution of data.

Available Data

This section describes the datasets available for download.  Please apply for access to download data.


These pages contain general information on studies associated with the Center. If you log in with a registered account you will find additional information under the Studies Admin tab on the main menu above.


These pages list all content related to the various diseases studied in the Center. This will include content from the data downloads section as well as administrative content provided you are logged in with the appropriate privileges.


Various publications associated with studies in the Center.

Overview of Private Areas


These pages contain the latest datasets available for download. Only pages to which you have access will be listed. Data is released in different disease categories such as Nicotine and Cocaine Dependence. Data is released in a series of “distributions”. You must request for access to each distribution individually, such as “Nicotine Dependence Distribution 8.0”. When the next distribution is released, such as “Nicotine Dependence Distribution 9.0,” you must request access for this subsequent distribution as well.

Studies Administration

These pages contain administrative resources for studies in the Center. Only pages to which you have access will be listed.


These pages contain general information for members of the NIDA Genetics Consortium. Only pages to which you have access will be listed.